Discover Summit

Calling all Filmmakers

9-10 May 2024 | Sandton Convention Centre

Introducing the Discover Film Summit:

An innovation of the Gauteng Film Commission

2 Day Summit
1000+ Attendees
50+ Speakers
15+ Sessions

Get ready for a cinematic explosion! The Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) ignites the inaugural Gauteng Discover Summit at the Sandton International Convention Centre on May 9th and 10th, 2024. This electrifying event transforms the venue into a vibrant hub, showcasing Gauteng as the dream destination for filmmakers – both locally and internationally.

Two days of:
  • Empowering Conversations: Industry leaders and visionaries share insights, chart the course for future growth, and celebrate filmmaking’s power.
  • Masterclasses with the Masters: Hone your craft under the guidance of renowned industry figures (insert names here).
  • Cultural Kaleidoscope: Immerse yourself in a vibrant showcase of local talent through captivating exhibitions.
  • Awards Night Extravaganza: Witness the brightest stars of Gauteng filmmaking shine as they compete for prestigious accolades (insert awards names here).
  • Entrepreneur’s Expo: Discover a treasure trove of local businesses fuelling the filmmaking value chain – from fashion and design to production and cuisine.
GFC Discover Summit Conference


with international and local speakers.
GFC Discover Summit Workshops & Masterclasses

Workshops & Masterclasses

equipping upcoming film-makers with the necessary survival skills.
GFC Discover Summit Exhibition


with an array of projects spanning the entire industry
Ms Keitumetse Lebaka

“Join leading creatives and policy makers within the audio-visual industry as they deliberate on key resolutions, in alignment with emerging trends and global developments, analysing how to further the development of the local film industry.”

Ms Keitumetse Lebaka
CEO (Gauteng Film Commission)

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is the Gauteng film industry’s capable, reliable and experienced, one-stop concierge service and industry development partner. As the bedrock of the local film industry for 20 years, the GFC leads innovation, inclusion, transformation and enables the industry and its role players to remain relevant and sustainable.

Summit Tracks


The digital aspect of filmmaking is one that has seen a meteoric rise in recent years and seems to be the next-step in our industry’s evolution. We unpack and analyse how the world of filmmaking has evolved throughout history and look at the path forward, with key-speakers and innovators in this realm imparting insight as to how we develop at the rate of new industry standards.


Money is a critical aspect to any industry – the catalyst for every part to continue moving. However, getting access to funding and grants is often an enigmatic concept to some and can become a tedious process. We sit down with industry insiders and break down business processes, gain an understanding of how to market yourself, and give you access to the big names to help get your project funded.


The African narrative is one entrenched with power and history and modern filmmaking has become a playground in which our stories can finally be told with a voice that remains true to us. We let experts in their field discuss the story of the African in filmmaking and how to create a narrative that embodies a culture respectfully and holistically, in an age rife with appropriation.


Your in-depth overview into the world of local and global filmmaking as it is now and how we intend it to be. We give you an outlook of the industry landscape as well as provide incredible resources for established and aspiring filmmakers. With workshops and experts designated to assist you with every aspect of filmmaking, from start to finish, prepare to be upskilled and have your passion reinvigorated.


Tourism is an integral part of the film industry for two reasons: people travel to places where their favourite movie has been filmed and the filming industry utilises tourism services and facilities. Both of these factors are imperative to economic growth and job creation. We go into detail about the benefits of tourism to the audio-visual industry as well

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