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Yet another way the Gauteng Film Commission strives to ensure Perfect Locations across Gauteng all year round.

In line with the GFC’s mission to make Gauteng one of the world’s most accessible and supportive centres for film production, the commission has launched the Film Friendly Gauteng campaign, which enjoys excellent support from both industry suppliers and service providers and the industry itself.

Through the campaign, which aims at guaranteeing that Gauteng’s locations are welcoming and suppliers cost-effective, all participating partners have committed to film friendly policies and practices.

The campaign strategy is the result of extensive consultation with the film industry both locally and internationally as well as the Gauteng Film Partnership, a representative industry body which advises the GFC on industry matters. These conversations made it clear that regional competitiveness is increasingly about cost and perception of value for money – particularly during an economic downturn.

While most producers praise the diversity of Gauteng’s locations and the province’s technical capability and skilled crew, easily accessible and competitively priced locations and services are also a priority. The initial phase of the Film Friendly Gauteng campaign specifically targeted suppliers and service providers, including locations, hotels and car rental companies active in tourism and hospitality. Over 30 organisations are active partners and have committed to the Film Friendly Gauteng pledge, which commits partners to:


encourage and support film activity in Gauteng


encourage accessibility to film locations and facilities


commit to ethical and responsible filmmaking


protect, sustain and respect Gauteng’s locations


subscribe to business practices that are film friendly


offer quality service and a commitment to value for money and competitive rates

The GFC is also lobbying for greater support from government entities and stakeholders – these play a critical role, particularly in location filming. And because a sustainable film industry cannot be built on government grants alone, the campaign also targets the financial community. Property owners are also being lobbied for greater access to privately owned locations.

Companies and institutions who have joined the Film Friendly Gauteng campaign include:

Production houses: Sublime Pictures, Red Cow, Kagiso TV, Hot Shot, The Production Works
Hotels: Westcliff Hotel, Crown Plaza, Holiday Inn Sandton, Urban Hip Hotels
Media: Screen Africa
Freight: Film Freight
Studios: Q Studios, Atlas Studios, Bottom Side Studios
Industry Associations: Commercial Producers Association, Sasfed
Institutions: Big Fish, Consulting Dynamics, Learn 3D, Open Window, Dynamic Space

The GFC is also working with location scouts to ensure locations are used responsibly. Film Friendly Gauteng also places greater responsibility on the industry to ensure that they adhere to ethical location filming practices.

The GFC has therefore released industry Guidelines for Location Filming in Gauteng, which clarify roles and responsibilities and give film makers clear guidance relating to location filming requirements as well as to inform them of locations with particular requirements. The guidelines include a locations code of conduct, tips for “green” filming, general location filming guidelines, legislation affecting filming as well as proposals for dealing with shoots that contravene permit conditions.