As the second in a series of articles profiling various manufacturers, suppliers and services who cater specifically for the film and television industry in Gauteng, In Focus covers digital broadcast and AV systems specialists, Avmark Systems, and Questek Broadcast Technologies, who offer production, post production and broadcasting solutions and products.

In Focus spoke to Justin Thathiah, General Manager of Questek Broadcast Technologies (Pty) Ltd.

In Focus: I see you provide a variety of production, post production and broadcast solutions are there any new products that have recently come on the market?

Yes, the Omnibus ITX  it’s a full software play-out and transmission solution specifically designed for broadcasters.

In Focus:
Any recent large sales? Please describe the equipment.

Thathiah: Most recently we serviced Botswana TV, the national public broadcaster for the Botswana region, with a Quantel News production and a play out solution as well as a Blue Order Media Asset Management solution.

In Focus: How many staff do you employ, and do you provide service back up?

Thathiah: We employ a total of eight staff, and back up is provided by a sister company Questek Customer Care, also Gauteng-based.

In Focus: Is there anything exciting on the cards?

Thathiah: We will be hosting a Quantel stereoscopic 3D demonstration from 16 to 18 July at the Hotel Apollo, 158 Bran Fischer Drive Randburg. Browse our website for more details.

In Focus: Thank you.

Questek can be contacted via Justin Thathiah on +27 11 706-0405 or or website

Avmark Systems cc are the largest authorised, independent marketers, suppliers and distributors of Panasonic broadcast and audio visual equipment in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In Focus spoke to Renato Acquisto, owner and Marketing Sales Director of Panasonic Broadcast Distributors – Avmark Systems.

In Focus: What products do you have on offer?

Acquisto: We have Panasonic digital broadcast and consumer products,  Panasonic presentation products, plasma, LCD, data video projectors plus peripherals, Duel adaptors P2 card readers, Apple editing systems, peripherals, HD lenses, tele & wide angle lenses, batteries, tripods, magnetic media, P2 cards, BLU RAY recorders & media, Ewa Marine underwater bag housings and Storm hard cases.

In Focus: Any new products that have recently come on the market?

Acquisto: Blu Ray recorders and players, as well as Duel adaptors.

In Focus: Any recent large sales?

Acquisto: We supplied 2000 32″ LCD screens to Southern Sun and we also supplied a HPX 3000 camera plus peripherals to previous MCC boss, Faan Van Tonder.

In Focus: How many staff do you employ and do you provide service back-up?

Acquisto: We employ six staff, and we do provide back up and support. We operate country wide, if required, from Johannesburg. It may be of interest to know that we have had a Panasonic association since 1983 and are currently the largest independent Panasonic Broadcast Distributor.

In Focus Thank you.

Avmark Systems can be contacted via Renato Acquisto on +27 11 463-3167/8 or

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