A three-day summit in the financial center of the City of Johannesburg, the Gauteng Discover Summit will explore themes of the digitalisation of the audio-visual industry and what the future holds for the filmmakers of South Africa and their global counterparts.

The Gauteng Discover Summit exists to inspire, enrich and empower South African and African filmmakers, giving each a platform on which to stand and have their voice heard. Every day of the Summit will include conferences with international and local speakers, workshops and masterclasses that aim to equip upcoming filmmakers with all the necessary survival skills to make it in the industry, and an exhibition hosting an array of projects spanning the entire industry.

At a glance, the Gauteng Discover Summit includes a generous locations tour around the province of Gauteng which includes cities, towns and natural landscapes perfect for use as filming locations. There will be a gracious opening ceremony, welcoming one and all to the inaugural Gauteng Discover Summit.


Summit Tracks



The rise of the digitisation of filmmaking seems to be the next step in the evolution of our industry. We look at the path of filmmaking and its evolution throughout history, with key speakers and innovators in this industry imparting insight as to how we must adapt and develop in this new digital era of industry standards.



Giving an outlook on the filmmaking industry landscape, and providing incredible resources for filmmakers both amateur and established with workshops and designated experts to assist you in every aspect of your filmmaking journey, The Discover Summit inspires Film Creation to reach new heights.


Storytelling / Culture

The Discover Summit will investigate Multicultural Storytelling and the impact of creating a narrative that embodies a culture holistically and respectfully, in an industry poisoned by appropriation.


Business / Funding / Marketing

Getting access to funding and grants can be a time-consuming process. Sitting down with the insiders of the business side of the film industry, The Discover Summit breaks down business processes, gives you an understanding of how to market yourself, and opens the door to the big names in the industry that will help get your projects funded.


Film Destinations

The film industry is deemed a “ as a mass cultural phenomenon” as strong linkages have been shown to with the tourism industry in the form of film tourism. ”Due to its flexibility and diversity it has a direct link to destination development across the geographic landscape.

Film also has the advantage of having an added multiplier effect of advancing other creative industries which in turn can advance destination development….if South Africa can successfully develop and escalate this perceived profile of being an affordable, technically proficient and diverse and flexible scenic location at an international level, more film-makers will make it their film destination of choice”. (University of Pretoria, 2017, p. 12).

Gauteng is South Africa’s smallest province, but has a sophisticated economy, a developed infrastructure, an established film industry – and incredibly diverse filming locations. These range from the urban and industrial landscapes of Johannesburg, the province’s biggest city and the economic powerhouse of Africa, to gold mines, small towns, nature reserves and botanical gardens, monuments, historical buildings and the majestic Magaliesberg mountain range.