Involved in projects throughout Africa, Khaki Fever Film – a young and independent production company – operates from our home base of South Africa on the southern tip of the continent. A passion for wildlife conservation, the preservation of indigenous cultures and a fervent need for adventure is the driving force behind the expeditions our company embarks on in our search for unique programming opportunities. With the combined experience of intrepid travelers, nature conservation graduates, ecotourism developers, fearless adrenalin junkies and film fundis, Khaki Fever Film offers high-definition, international standard programming.

In addition, due to increasing demand, we have created a commercial division to accommodate the needs of corporate clients, both in marketing and PR solutions. With access to numerous private and remote wilderness locations around Africa, although we are not limited to this genre, our commercial team can offer our clients various unique options specifically suited to their needs. In addition, our team can provide or facilitate all management services required before, during and after filming. Specializing in outdoor, adrenaline-based or wildlife film and photography, our in-house stable of lens-men are able to cater to our clients’ specific needs.

From promotional marketing videos to photographic surveys, we can provide our clients with expertise and support by pairing them up with the most suitable cameraman or photographer, and equipment. Should none of our own artists meet our clients requirements, we can tap into our extensive network of highly recommended freelancers. From scientists and researchers, to safari guides, cultural leaders and local celebrities, Khaki Fever Film has unlimited resources when it comes to recruiting on-the-ground local expertise and support. For writing, producing and production managers, our own in-house talent have hands-on experience in working with international broadcasters as well as local filmmakers and have built up many great relationships throughout all fields of the film, wildlife conservation, ecotourism and adventure travel industries.

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Tel:(082) 780-3840
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