Approximately 80 exhibitors will throng the inaugural Photo & Film Expo 2009 scheduled between July 10th and 12th at the Coca Cola Dome, Johannesburg.


Joburg readies for the Photo and Film Expo 2009

“Our theme is Photography and Film industry awareness”, says Matt Raven, the spokesperson for the event.

This theme will highlight the excellence in Stills Photography and Film Production in the country while we showcase the latest hardware, software, technology, lighting techniques, facilities and courses available in these fields, ” he told In Focus recently.

Photo and Film Expo 2009 will also mark the first time an event dedicated to Photography and Film takes place under one roof in South Africa.

According to Raven he and his team have been working on the event for the past year with a consistent marketing strategy in place to ensure optimum visibility.

Workshops and training sessions will take place each day at the event. These sessions will be free. All visitors and exhibitors to this event will also be able to gain firsthand knowledge from experts in their respective fields.

“There are many amateur photographers that have state of the art equipment and have no idea how to utilise the functionality of their cameras.”

For the industry Photo and Film Expo 2009 will also be the perfect platform to demonstrate hardware and software functionality, lighting and other techniques to visitors at this prestigious event. This will be the ideal opportunity to promote and inform visitors about available courses, associations and photographic clubs.

Raven says that a big plus factor to the event will be bringing the different elements of the industry together. “We’ve seen a great deal of excitement and some important collaborations taking place in run up to the event. There is no other event where every member of the industry can get together under one roof and show their participation.”

He stressed that Photo and Film Expo will also be strategic especially as the country prepares for 2010. “An event like this adds credibility to our local industries and showcases the talent available locally. While many large advertising agencies are currently sourcing footage from international agencies, now we have the opportunity to bring some of this revenue back home and generate local relationships as well as highlight these talents to the global community.”

Photo and Film Expo will complement another much awaited biennial event – Mediatech Africa which takes place at the same venue from Thursday 23 to Saturday 25 July.

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